The Conflict between Inner and Exterior Beauty: So, what makes you beautiful?

girls-beautyredefined-half-2-1024x588Right from a very young age, my parents counselled me only on one thing—that is to be me and let my inner beauty radiate to the world. As a kid, the notion suited me perfectly well, for even the Disney fairytales that I was obsessed with talked of the same notion. Cinderella found her godmother and the Prince charming who lived with her happily ever after. The ugly duckling grew into a beautiful swan and found her happily ever after.

I, like a naive fool believed that one day I, this lanky, tall, skinny kid will magically be transformed into a beauty that the fairtales talked about. Well, did that happen? Sadly, no! For the ugly truth followed in and growing years were never easy. The societal image was too hard to cope. When I was skinny I was teased and later as I grew up into a bulky teen, skinny became in-thing.

So, was it ever easy and comprehensible to a little kid like me born in this capitalist world obsessed with consumerism which is a world which has solutions to the problems that one might never even have in the first place!

Tired of being skinny, drink our product.”

 “Oh, does being dark makes you feel low; use our product for instant fairness”.

I might have been perfectly happy being skinny, dark, but these advertisements and common notions of the society makes me question the very concept of being me and accepting me as I am.

Oh, the horror of flipping through a beauty magazine or blog. Don’t get me started. That’d be like a confession of a shopaholic for all it made me was to question my quirky fashion sense and make me buy all products on the counter and make me look like a clown.

Many teenagers and young-adults like me, today are in a dilemma: To wear or to not wear makeup; To dress or not to dress up?

Such is the state that most of us are pushed to by this society filled with pressures and high standards set by the media. We all want that hourglass figure, fair skin that is being in trend now and then da-da, the trend fades and again we want something else. Can we ever be satisfied with what we are and what we have, like my parents advised me to let my inner beauty glow?

Okay, supposing you’ve finally find your peace and happy with your quirky style, there will always be a group of gossip girls(okay, just people) that would talk either at your back or straight at your face, that either you’re over-dressed or underdressed? Now, the Good Lord, what am I to do?

Well, just ignore them and follow my heart destined to take me where I belong.

Now comes, the conflict of inner beauty. You know those days when you’re update with the trend and fashion and have everybody praising your fashion sense, but you just feel like, ‘Blah. I feel just me. Kill this makeover!’ Those are the days when this conflict raises high. So, which store will sell inner beauty to me?

Forgive this offspring of consumerism. I am so vexed to search for my inner self and beauty in stores. That’s where we all are pushed to. So, to coming to find our inner beauty and let it radiate, I learnt it the tough way, most of us, learn. I fell hard, flat on nose, bullied and made fun for my quirky sense which was nothing but me trying to copy the fashion-bloggers out there.

I stopped being me, which gave the gossip girl a fodder to play with. I was picked upon, bullied and made fun of!


Somewhere down the lane, I forgot that fashion beings with you—You finding who you are and letting your style speak for you instead.

With this is mind, remember that now who am I or the media to tell you, what makes you beautiful? It’s up to you to find your definition of beauty.

All the best in your process and in your journey to find your beauty, don’t forget to make the best of it and have fun. Let your heart play along and have fun.

All the best people!!

I wish you good luck in finding your individuality and fashion sense.


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