The Book She Never Wrote: “Her” Poetry


There was dream,

A calling that only called her name,

One that started off as a whisper to slowly grow into yelling

That she could never ignore and carry on with her life,

Just as she was supposed to carry on anyway!


She still can’t recall when she first heard them,

They were scary, exciting, but never foreign to her.

Somehow, she felt a solace in these whispers of calling,

A solace— she could never feel anyway, anywhere.


These calling asked her to write—a book,

About characters, she wasn’t much familiar of.

Heck, she wasn’t even familiar with who she was

To begin with, she was a mess— a hot or cold one, she never knew.


It was a journey that seemed to be doomed right from the beginning.

Maybe she was never supposed to hear them,

But now, she knows nothing but those strong voices

That haunts her very being, that demand her to write,

Pick her pen, even all she wants is to crawl back to bed and sleep, forever.


Just sleep a peaceful sleep, one that she now is never aware of.

It has been years now that she has slept a slumber,

Although, she sleeps longer hours now,

She is never satiated and all she wants is to sleep and maybe never wake up.


Escape it all, this hurt, rejection, rebellion, fight and shutting down.

She wants to learn self-expression at all cost,

How cool would it’d be to finally express yourself and be understood?

She is learning different languages, meeting different people,

But all in vain!


Will she ever win this battle or fight?

Or will she always remain the coward that she is?

Will she even write that book that she is supposed to write?

Some many questions haunt just not her, but everyone around her.


So, this is the book she never wrote— supposed to take her to places.

The one for which she is fighting day in and out,

Who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist here?


The book that took her through the wonderful journey of life,

To the calling that she fights to fulfill,

And probably she would continue to fight on

Until she finally heeds to them and lives where and how she is destined to,

Till she learns to conquer it all,

Her fight and journey will continue.

-Anuradha S

PS: “Her” Poetry is the space of this blog, where I would share my attempts at poetry. I hope I would keep growing as a poet and write better poetry. Please share your thoughts and keep supporting me 😀 Fighting!!


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